Why choose us?

Fast and efficient diagnosis

We have a 90% rate of accurate diagnosis within 24 hours.

Resolving complications

70% of our animal patients recover from critical states within 3 days and 90% recover from critical states within one week.

Cross-disciplinary medical team

Can’t find the right vet when you need one? We have access to experts in all veterinary fields to assist you.

Professional surgical and anaesthetic team

From the beginning to the end of the operation when your cat regains consciousness, a well trained team of vets and aesthetician are there to look after its every need.

Collaboration with specialists of all fields

We are your bridge to the intricate world of veterinary medicine. We work with specialists in various disciplines in order to provide you with the most expert medical consultation experience.

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Dual leading veterinarian method

Each cat will be treated by two leading veterinarians. Our veterinarians will put together detailed treatment plans so that you will always be aware of the situation of your cat while it is hospitalised. Our veterinarians will then continue to follow up on your cat after it returns home from the hospital.

Quality Medical Service for your feline friend