When an illness has been diagnosed, and important decisions have to be made,
you may need to seek out the advice of other specialised veterinarian doctors

What is a medical second-opinion

When a cat has been diagnosed with a rare or even serious illness and faces critical life-or-death treatment options, the owner with very little to no experience in these matters may not be fully able to understand the recommendations of the primary doctor or be able to make a decision. This would be a good time to ask the opinion of other doctors.

Veterinary medicine has entered the age of cross-disciplinary treatment. There are veterinarians of various medical disciplines internationally whose opinions when gathered can describe certain cases with a more in-depth perspective and even open avenues to other treatment options. This is possible with a medical second opinion consultation.

The importance of seeking out opinions

Miao Cat Hospital is among only a handful of veterinary hospitals which offer second-opinions, and we have become very experienced over the years. Veterinary medicine has indeed become more refined, bringing more options and hope with it. However, the progression of the illness means that the window for making the best decision is constantly shrinking, and so seeking a second opinion in a timely manner is critical.

Consulting different doctors is a good way of fully understanding the situation and finding out about the newest treatment related information, as well as a way to learn about the proper way to take care of a cat

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When are second opinions needed


When your vet has completed a full physical examination but a diagnosis cannot be made.


When your vet has a confirmed diagnosis but you are unsure about their method of treatment.


When a vet is unable to make a diagnosis or has found something out of his or her area of expertise, at which time we are available for peer consultation.

Medical Second Opinions

  • More often than not, doctors can have different treatment perspectives, and describing from different points of view allows the owner to get a better picture of what is happening, as well as providing more treatment options and avoid unnecessary procedures.
  • Second opinion is not always better than first opinion, since an illness is always in the process of changing. Sometimes the more accurate diagnosis can only be made when the illness has progressed to a later stage. This is why second opinions have the advantage of being able to assess the situation and evaluate the choices, but this does not mean the rejection or questioning the validity of the first opinion.
  • Hospitals that provide second opinion services usually has access to a cross-disciplinary diagnostic team. We will consult with international specialist veterinarians in a collaborative diagnostic effort, so that the owner doesn’t have to go through the trouble of looking for experts.

Why do some doctors do not provide second opinions

  • Although many exams may have been performed at another hospital, sometimes the information provided is disorganised or not detailed enough, which means the tests may have to be repeated, making medical conflicts highly possible, which is draining on time and morale.
  • It is possible for some owners to misinterpret the diagnosis due to lack of medical knowledge, and this can lead to further misinterpretation when asking for a second opinion, worsening the situation.
  • Sometimes the second opinion can greatly differ from the original diagnosis, and owners felt the need to search for third or even fourth opinion, creating further tension and mistrust.

Medical Second Opinions have been practiced for years in the Western world

We are aware that sometimes we may not provide a better point of view than the primary veterinarian, but we do try our best to make the owner understand our methods of care and treatment. in a time of social fragmentation, anyone can seek as well as give opinions and even find like-minded groups online for support. However, nothing can replace proactively learning about the disease and the willingness to take action.

In order for second-opinion consultations to be conducted smoothly, a complete medical history and records are required, including all original image records such as X-rays, MRI or CT scans, as well as diagnostic reports and other detailed records. This allows us to fully understand the situation of the cat which makes it possible to make the most appropriate reading and recommendations.

Even if the cat is away from the owner, when medical records are provided, the doctor will first decide whether or not an appropriate recommendation can be given. If it is decided so, once the proper fees have been received, the owner will be contacted either via telephone or online.

I need a second opinion consultation

In a time of social fragmentation, anyone can seek as well as give opinions and even find like-minded groups online for support. However, nothing can replace proactively learning about the disease and the willingness to take action.