Palliative Care is not a form of euthanasia
We believe that even when a cat’s condition becomes untreatable, a certain quality of life should still be maintained

For the cat to return home means spending the last of its time free of pain and with dignity

The right way and time to perform Palliative Care

  • Even at the terminal stage of an illness, some cats can still retain its spirit and appetite.
  • When an illness has low curability, there are other ways to assist your cat, such as the insertion of a feeding tube to keep the cat from starving.
  • When curability is high when treated with radiation therapy, but the cat has become unable to withstand further repetition of anaesthesia and chemo, we will select low toxicity treatments to make symptoms subside and provide ample calories to maintain a certain level of life quality for the cat. Pain control is then introduced to gradually guide the cat back to a normal lifestyle.

When to choose Euthanasia

  • The curability is below 10% and or the treatment is unaffordable for the owner.
  • The curability is above 30%, but the cat is in a worsened condition deemed unable to withstand the surgery or complete the treatment.

Rationality aside, most will find it very difficult to make the choice, and will choose to conduct palliative care before euthanasia.

The curing of serious illnesses lies in nutrition

Pain Management
Caloric Intake
Intervention Through Medication

Animals have unimaginable ability to self-heal, so maintaining caloric intake can sometimes be more beneficial than medication. The window for intervening with medication can be as short as a few weeks, and sometimes all that can be done with medication is to buy a short amount of time and alleviate some of the pressure caused by the pain. By eating the right food, however, the body gains enough energy to combat the disease through mutual effort with humans.

Being humane starts from the heart

At the very end, we can provide an estimate of how much time the cat has remaining, and discuss with the owner on the final preparations. Some bring music, flowers, and family members to send the cat off, as the experience doesn’t have to be full of sorrow. Our staffs not only provide professional medical services; we also mourn with the owner for the loss of an important family member.


Complete grasp of the condition, assess the time left and discuss with owner on preparations.

  • Cat
  • Maintain a good quality of life, journey onward with dignity and no pain.


Be informed about in-house medical care and what the cat really needs, be prepared, and cherish the remaining time with the cat.

Spending time with your cat throughout their life, is like passing through the seasons; the stages of life are parts of the journey.