Services we provide

We have access to the latest and fully matured medical technology accompanied by advanced medical equipment in order to provide the most effective treatments. If you are staying positive against the unforgivingness of disease, and require reliable professional veterinary services, we can be your very best option.

Surgical evaluation
Including dental surgery, soft tissue surgery, laser surgery, invasive treatment surgery
Treatment of acute serious illness
Weakness, paralysis, hyperventilation, loss of appetite, weight loss, long-term or frequent vomiting, chronic diarrheas, blood in stool, difficulty passing urine
Medical Second opinion
The cat has undergone a physical, but you have doubts about the diagnosis or decided to seek other treatment options
Medical Imaging
Digital X-ray, Dental X-ray, Echocardiography
Tumour Treatment
Photodynamic therapy, Chemotherapy, Chinese Herbal therapy
Laser acupuncture
Neural disease, pain control, physical therapy

Making appointment with us

  1. During Clinical Hours: If you cat is in a bad state, be sure to book an early appointment so that the situation can be stabilised by the end of the day. This can also save you the trouble of having to make an emergency appointment or transfer.
  2. Visitation: You can come at any time within business hours for visits. During hospitalisation, the treatment is handled by both the primary veterinarian and the resident veterinarian who will inform you of any changes in condition.
  3. Surgery: Surgeries are scheduled in the morning and at noon time. You are recommended to leave your cat at the hospital overnight so that it doesn’t affect your regular schedule and we can monitor its condition. After the surgery, you will be contacted via telephone in regards to the details of the treatment.
  4. Pharmacy: Prescription can be fulfilled during business hours, but calling ahead is recommended. We are also happy to write prescriptions for owners to use at their local pharmacy of their choice, as this can save both time and money for both parties.

Policies regarding hospital transfer

  • If your cat is currently hospitalised somewhere else, you must consult with the current veterinarian as to the suitability to transfer. Cats with cardiac pulmonary edema or heart failure must have its condition stabilised before being transfered.
  • We do not provide critical after-hour care, thus if your cat is in a critical state, we will assist you in finding a hospital with 24hr shift.
  • If advanced imaging is required, such as C.T. or M.R.I., we will assist in transferring your cat to your local reputable imaging specialised medical institution.
  • If the cat’s condition is stabilised, we will assist in returning the cat to the original veterinarian for the sake of logistics.